Monday, May 9, 2011


Station: SIC

Program: Gorezone

Airtime: 19:30 SST

SUMMARY: Team Spartan reunites with ex-squadmate turned Contract Killer Apathy in a bloody reunion! Hunter and Big Jim Slade join in the fun for a slaughter not soon to be forgotten. See Frother Glenn Fiddr3e04nn17sggj,...

:>Priority OMEGA override...

:>System lockout initiating...


:>VENT active...

:>Purging security buffers...

:>Buffers clear...

:>.dragon in flight...

Attention deluded masses of Mort! Throw off the yoke of oppression that is SLA Industries. You are living a lie. Freedom is an illusion. Television and the word of Slayer have enslaved your minds and souls. Look around and see what the “World of Progress” has provided you. You are not living. You are merely existing. DarkNight can show you the way to true freedom. Arm yourselves and fight back against your oppressors! Take to the streets. Our vigilant freedom fighters will find those who are willing to fight back and give them the tools they need to topple this giant. DarkNight lives!!!


:>VENT shutting down...

:>.dragon returning to lair...

:>Reactivating security buffers...

:>Priority OMEGA override canceled...

...spippvlaqqn...rriens the likes of which will give you nightmares for weeks! Join us this Thusday and see why the Department of Streets and Sanitation has been so busy!

Remember at any time, Your Zone could be a GORE ZONE!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Advertising Supplement/Restaurants/Hoffman's Delicatessen

Hoffman's Delicatessen

While Mort Central and Uptown boast an almost countless selection of dining choices, Suburbia is home to one of the successful independent eateries on Mort: Hoffman's Delicatessen. The d├ęcor is strictly utilitarian with plastic tables and chairs and white tiles floors and walls. Pictures and news clippings of celebrities and Operatives are scattered on the walls. Hoffman's, however, does not lack atmosphere. Abe Hoffman and his staff fill the shop with lively chatter about sports, politics and life on Mort in general. Like The Pit, Hoffman's maintains a strict “no weapons or heavy armor” policy. Facilities are not even provided for their temporary storage.

“Why do I do it? I run a deli, not a farkakt shooting gallery! Leave that drek in your car or at home. And these armor suits, OY! You'd think they were going to Cannibal Sector One and not for a nosh. You don't need five hundred pounds of ceramic to eat my Reuben. The worst that could happen to you here is a bit of gas. And that's just because the sauerkraut is so fresh! We use only fresh ingredients here.”

      • Abe Hoffman, age 67

Hoffman's claims of freshness appear to be accurate. The constant lines at the counter indicate his food is as good as he claims. His suppliers are a closely guarded secret. The Shivers and Operatives refuse to look into it for fear they might find some illegal activity that will shut down the deli.

“Who knows where he gets his stuff from? It could be Randolph Logistics. Hell, it could be Thresher making nightly deliveries via powersuit drop. I don't know and don't intend to find out. I'm not doing anything to risk my daily knish.”

      • Shiver Sergeant (name withheld by request)

In the end, Hoffman keeps his nose clean and his food fresh and delicious. Hoffman's serves traditional deli fare. Comfort foods are the order of the day with a fine selection of meats and cheeses, bagels and bialies, and assorted breads, soups and sandwiches. For over forty years Hoffman has faithfully served the people of Mort, gladly joining the Racial Equality Program.

“And why not? Stormers and Shaktars? Absolutely. It warms the heart to watch the big boys eat. Such appetites! And so polite. Wraiths? A dream customer. Rare brisket, what could be easier? The Frothers can be a bit meshuge, but what can you do? You don't complain about people who buy macaroons by the gross. Ebons? A bit tightly wound but such sheyn ponems! Brain Wasters? They can be schmucks sometimes but can't we all? They behave if they want to eat. I bet even Carrien would play nice here. You can't be mad at anyone when you have a bagel and schmear with a nice piece of lox.”

      • Abe Hoffman, age 67

Hoffman's Deli is located in Suburbia; Maxwell Sector; Laughann's Walk 4213. Open 5am-Midnight daily.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Advertising Supplement/Fine Fashion/Designers/Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve

With its unceasing rain, umbrellas are always a consideration among the people of Mort. While cheap, utilitarian umbrellas can be had from almost any shop in the city, those looking to stand out will travel to Mort Central to shop at Catherine Deneuve's

Catherine Deneuve was born on New Paris, the only child of Lorraine and Charles Deneuve. Her parents are the owners of LCD Textiles, an extremely lucrative company dealing in exotic fabrics. Catherine grew up in wealth and style, always exposed to the family business that, it was assumed, she would eventually take over. However, a business trip to Mort with her parents changed everything.

“I remember walking out of the spaceport and into the rain of the city. It made me so sad. People either hid beneath drab black umbrellas or simply hunched over and walked through the rain unprotected. I thought what a shame it was that no thought had gone into the aesthetics of an accessory that most people on this world, by necessity, must own.”

- Catherine Deneuve, at age 15, on her first trip to Mort

Thus began Catherine Deneuve's fascination with umbrellas. With her parents blessings, she enrolled at the Baroque School of Aesthetics at New Paris majoring in Aesthetics and Design. Three years later she returned to Mort to study Business at Meny. At the age of twenty, she graduated with honors and threw herself into the fashion world of Mort.

Working from her small Uptown flat, Deneuve began sketching ideas for umbrellas. She would not be content with the ubiquitous round, black nylon design. No shape, material or concept would be off-limits. It was one of her first designs that gave Deneuve her big break. The “Porcine” design would have a canopy of cured sewer pig skin. The shaft and handle would be carved from a single piece of tusk. The hardware would be brushed aluminum. She had cajoled her parents into letting her show her designs to one of their regular clients. On seeing the “Porcine” design, Siobhan Lambert was sold.

“ The 'Porcine' design? Sheer genius. To combine two of the most detestable, yet iconic facets of life on Mort [rain and sewer pigs] and synergize them? To call 'Porcine' an umbrella is a gross injustice. It is a testimony to the indomitable nature of humanity to reign in and master primal forces. It is a celebration of Progress. I offered her a contract and an order of 15,000 units on the spot.”

- Siobhan Lambert 900SD

With that order, Deneuve's future was secured. The “Porcine” design would feature largely in Lambert's Fall 901 line and still sells well to this day. In fact, the design did so well that Deneuve would eventually work with Department of Streets and Sanitation and finance a series of Blue BPNs to procure a steady supply of pigs for raw materials.

Today, Deneuve has flagship boutiques in Mort Central and on New Paris. Her lines are carried in most upscale retailers across the World of Progress. Deneuve has also started working with Karma on a line of biogenetic umbrellas. Look for umbrellas that repair themselves, emit custom fragrances and emit bio-luminescence in upcoming lines.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Intelligence Report/Citizens of Interest/Madame Valeria's House of Wonders

Madame Valeria's House of Wonder

In a reasonably quiet corner of Morley Sector, on Crandon's Walk in Level 8 of Lower Downtown sits the tiny storefront of Madame Valeria. People expecting to see a wizened old woman running the store are sorely mistaken. Madame Valeria is twelve years old. Her store is full of interesting and potentially illegal items. Doc Jug trades with her for some of her more unusual pieces. The services she provides are myriad. Curios, charms and talismans are available. Potions can be brewed. Information can be located, be it in the past, present, or future. Even hexes, curses and assorted whammies are available for the right price.

Valeria works for cash or trade, but don't consider cheating this little girl. The Johannas hold her in the highest regard and revere her as a wise-woman and healer; she enjoys their unquestioning protection. Most people treat her with respect and fear. If the protection of the Johannas is not enough deterrent from harming her, the sawed-off Bully Boy she keeps under her desk works just as well. What really keeps everyone in line is the fact that her concoctions, talismans and spells all seem to work. They work so well that some have suggested that she is able to tap the Ebb.

Nobody seems to know the history of this enigmatic girl or her shop.. She speaks little, and of herself, nothing. In Downtown, some stories claim that Valeria does not age; she has been twelve for as long as anyone can remember. As far as anyone can tell, she is as ageless as Mr. Slayer and possibly as mysterious. Ebons who have attempted to read her are unable to get concrete information and are always shaken by the attempt.

“When I attempted to touch her mind it was like stepping into the cosmos. There was at once a sense of terrible limitless emptiness. Then you felt the power lying underneath. The power to either bend this universe to her will or simply rend it asunder. I truly fear this child more than Mr. Slayer or any of the nightmares of his World of Progress.”

-Othin, Ebon SCL 6B.4 (Not for reprint)

While there is concern over the power she allegedly wields and the dubious legality of the items in her shop, SLA Industries officially treats her as a persona non grata. Her shop brings genuine comfort to the people of Downtown. She never engages in any business that is needlessly detrimental to the citizens. When her services are requested for anything of a dubious nature, she makes it perfectly clear that fate does not smile upon people who would use her powers for ill purpose.

“I can do what you ask. I can bring your desires to light. Be warned though, my child. If you would bend my will to bring woe to those who do not deserve it, I will know. I will return that ire unto you amplified a thousandfold. Misuse my gifts and I will destroy you. This is as sure as the rain.”

-Madame Valeria

In the end, the Shivers either avoid her entirely or are regular clients, Monarch knows better than to be anything but reverent and the Dark Finders are unable to find out the slightest bit of useful information about her. SLA simply just ignores her at this point. After all, what harm can one little girl do?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Advertising Supplement/Weaponry/Firearms/Stearman Ballistic Labs

Type: Precision firearms manufacturer

Location: Mort Central

Description: Stearman Ballistic Labs (SBL) is a new firearms design company with an emphasis on high-end precision weaponry. SBL was created by Colin Stearman, a five year veteran of Dante serving as a scout/sniper. During his time on Dante, Stearman logged 614 kills. His time in the field taught him that a gun should be more than a device to put lead on target, it should be a natural extension of the shooter. He created SBL to fill a notable gap in the selections available to sharpshooters. SBL understands the pain of the Bullet Tax and strives to deliver weapons accurate and deadly enough to preclude the need for multiple shots. SBL is so confident in the performance of its weapons, no SBL product is offered with a burst or full-automatic capability.
SBL has become increasingly popular with the Wraith Raider community. Wraiths feel that SBL understands the understated elegance and efficiency of single-shot weapons. SBL has responded by hiring prominent Wraith Operatives and Contract Killers as consultants on weapon design and refinement. Among the scout/sniper elite, an SBL sponsorship is highly prestigious.
Even at the “low end” of the price range, SBL weapons are extremely pricey and at the “high end” can be prohibitively expensive. Much like the famed BLA Blitzer, all SBL weapons are hand made with an exacting eye to detail and quality. Stock weapons are available as well as dozens of customization options at the point of sale. For those with the reputation and disposable income, SBL accepts special orders for one-off personal weapons. Whatever the customer wants, the customer gets. From utilitarian polymers to exotic works of art with natural hardwoods and precious metals, SBL will build it perfectly. Rumor has it that Top Notch is working with SBL on a rifle for her inevitable grudge match with Delia the Destroyer. An exact price hasn't been announced but is estimated in the 100,000-250,000c range


Monday, October 11, 2010

Entertainment/Sports/Contract Circuit/Profiles/The Enforcer

Name: Rob Trebow
Alias: The Enforcer
Location: Downtown Circuit, limited Uptown events
Specialty: Melee
Signature Move: "The One Timer"
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 112kg
Record: 48-5-1

Profile: Before joining the Contract Circuit, Rob Trebow played defense for the Maxwell Sector Ice Clowns professional hockey team. In Trebow's first three seasons he amassed nine goals, twenty-one assists and 9,118 penalty minutes. His temper on the ice was the stuff of legend.

During a playoff game against the Lowell Sector Sewer Rats one of Rats winger Mike Dougall laid a cheap cross-check on the Ice Clowns' center, sending him sprawling. As the Ice Clowns' enforcer, Trebow threw down the gloves against the Dougall. By the time the officials were able to pull Trebow off, Dougall was dead. In a panic, Trebow fled the arena, ultimately taking refuge in the Tynes Complex under the protection of their Amnesty.

There he would stay, fighting under the moniker of “The Enforcer.” Specializing in hand-to-hand and his reinforced hockey stick, The Enforcer pummels opponents, looking to finish them off with "The One Timer." This signature move is a fan favorite. Trebow will stun an opponent with the butt of his stick, then whirl it around like a flick-scythe, smashing the opponent in the temple, usually for a quick knock-out. He does a variation when unarmed which starts with a jab and leads into a vicious whirling back-fist. The Enforcer is a ruthlessly fearsome fighter. However, he still feels a great deal of remorse for killing Dougall and prefers to only fight to submission or knockout.

Trebow was eventually cleared of a murder charge in the fight with Dougall, but is reluctant to return to the MHL. The Contract Circuit pays better and there's no penalty for fighting.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Advertising Supplement/Sports/Mort Hockey League

Mort Hockey League

Type: Professional Hockey Organization

Location: Stadiums in Central, Uptown, Upper and Lower Downtown

Description: The Mort Hockey League (MHL) maintains four divisions of three teams each. The Divisions break down as follows:

Mort Central Division

Camden Sector Sanguines

Pegram Sector Rainfall

Carver Sector Fusion

Uptown Division

Runyon Sector Legionnaires

Striplin Sector Ennui

Rascette Sector Infernos

Suburbia Division

Maxwell Sector Ice Clowns

Freedman Sector Reapers

Macklin Sector Highlanders

Downtown Division

Lowell Sector Sewer Rats

Lower Hambelton Pest Control

Upper Hambelton Smoking Octopi

Each team has its own arena which is used for other events (concerts, conventions, other sports and Contract Circuit events) when the team is at an away game and during the off-season. It comes as a surprise to many people that the Downtown arenas are kept in very good repair and have their own Shiver Station attached.

Shivers have a special connection to the MHL, as the Lower Hambelton Pest Control began its life as an all Shiver hockey club. It is a matter of pride that the Shivers have had at least one of their ranks playing for each team in the MHL since the inception of the league. Each Shiver department in a league sector works hard to get a player on the local team. Shivers who go pro are excused from active duty during their time in the league, though they can be called to active duty in times of emergency. Shivers playing in the MHL are permitted to draw their regular Shiver salaries on top of league pay. Pay in the MHL is based on time and talent. Rookies can expect to make around 2,000c per season while veteran stars command 20,000c and up. Production and post season bonuses add to the pay and endorsement money can also sweeten the deal. Ennui star Jacques Forlaine brings in upwards of 50,000c per season with endorsements and bonuses. Not bad for a Shiver Sergeant.

The MHL is co-ed, with most teams having one or two women on the roster. On interesting side-note, over 65% of the women in the MHL play goalie. The MHL is exempt from the Racial Equality Program; Shaktars and Stormers are not permitted to play (even if they wanted to). Ebons and Brain Wasters, while not strictly prohibited, show no interest in playing the sport, let alone watching it. Wraith Raiders have become huge MHL fans, likely due to the ice and cold of the venues. Wraiths are permitted in the MHL; their speed and grace make them natural players, and several Wraiths have found fame in the ranks of the MHL. Frothers are permitted to play; the Macklin Highlanders is actually an all Frother team. The incredibly strict anti-drug policies tend to keep more Frothers out of the MHL, regardless of how much they enjoy the fighting and hitting people with sticks.

Drug screening in the MHL is regular and stringent, and no biogenetic enhancements are permitted. There is a zero tolerance policy for both, with a lifetime ban for the first offense. No explanations or excuses are accepted. There is no appeals process. Since the league began in 826SD, only eight players have been ejected for violating the drug and biogenetic policies. Players know better and respect the MHL far too much to risk it.

The MHL has worked to keep game tickets affordable, considering that a quarter of the teams in the league operate in low-income sectors. Ticket prices start at 5u for a standing room only pass to 125u for a seat on the glass at center ice at a marquee game. Each stadium can hold around 20,000 fans, so there are plenty of tickets in all price ranges. All games are televised, so fans who can't afford to get tickets can still follow their favorite teams.

Dining choices at games vary from stadium to stadium, with companies annually bidding on vending rights. Expect to see choices like BacBurger or Paramour Pizza in Suburbia/Downtown arenas, while Uptown/Central arenas offer selections from establishments such as Chez Bummin' or Hey! Fondue! Private boxes are often catered by fine restaurants like Martindale's.

An MHL season is 82 games, half played at home and half on the road. The playoffs is an elimination tournament consisting of four rounds of best-of-seven series. The first three rounds determine which team from each conference will advance to the final round. The grand prize in the MHL is the Progress Cup, a large platinum trophy etched with the champion roster for each year. Despite using small print, the Cup has grown to over five feet tall; when space runs out on the cup, another level is added.