Saturday, December 5, 2009

Advertising Supplement/Clothing Lines/Überware

Type: Combat capable clothing

Locations: Mort Central, Uptown

Description: Überware is MAL's newest entry in the growing line of combat capable fashion. Überware answers the concerns voiced by a number of Operatives. The current line of armored clothing has one glaring weakness: little to no protection against blunt force trauma. Sure, that shirt stopped the 10mm round from penetrating your chest, but now you're doubled over with a cracked rib and the wind knocked out of you. You are hors d'combat my friend.
Überware solves this problem by taking Velkra fabric and interweaving it with a mesh of microscopic sensors. These sensors are capable of near instantaneous reading of sudden localized changes in air pressure caused by incoming projectiles and other objects. The sensors then send a small electric charge to the material, which causes it to harden for a fraction of a second.* This hardening drastically reduces blunt force and, in the case of CAF rounds, virtually eliminates it. The battery to power the system is hidden in a discreet pocket in the clothing and provides approximately 500 hours of operation, depending on the amount of use.
The trade off for this level of covert protection is that Überware is expensive even by KAV or Arducci standards. On the upside, Überware clothing is mix and match, allowing the wearer to choose the exact look and have it slotted into a single battery/control unit.
Styles for this season are what Orientan designer Jonas Dulang calls “Downtown Chic.” Look for heavy denim pants with over-sized legs and long sleeve crew shirts with the trademark “Fear Me” logo on the back. Also in the lineup are over-sized hooded sweatshirts which hold the battery/control unit with room to spare for cell phone, IV system and your favorite handgun. Colors will match the streets with grays, browns, blacks and blues contrasted with Überware's signature fluorescent trademarks.

*Note that extremely high velocity rounds may not provide the sensors adequate time to react. Überware or its controlling agencies takes no responsibility for the failure of Überware products to respond to these types of weapons/attacks.

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