Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Entertainment/Television/Programming Update/In The Crosshairs

In The Crosshairs with Annette Winnegar

In The Crosshairs (ITC) is a celebrity interview show hosted by the lovely Annette Winnegar. The show is aired live and guests are given no advance notice of the questions they will be facing. The show is rapidly gaining popularity for a number of reasons. First is that Annette is a bombshell. With flowing red hair, piercing green eyes, creamy white skin and a tremendous pair of breasts, many people tune in to gawk at Annette and her impossibly skimpy outfit of the week. Next, ITC manages to book some of the biggest names on Mort. Jeff Moreau, Symbiote and Sour Blood area few of the celebrities that have sat “In The Crosshairs.” Finally, people watch for the interviews. Annette has shown no fear when questioning guests, asking questions that are fabulously nosy, inappropriate, embarrassing and just plain rude. Who can forget when Cerise pulled a gun when Annette asked her if, considering the way she dresses, she was a lesbian?

Given some of the altercations that have occurred on the show, it's remarkable that Annette can bring in the big names. However, ITC pulls in such huge viewer numbers that sponsored Contract Killers and Operatives have their sponsors begging the network to appear on the show for free advertising. Killer, Ops and celebrities also can't resist the quick fame an appearance on ITC brings. Good or bad, that level of attention means big publicity and big money. ITC is by invitation only, which further increases the prestige of an appearance. ITC does not pay guests of the show, though normal sponsor appearance fees apply. In lieu of pay, ITC provides an extravagant gift basket filled with sponsors' items for each guest. Many guests have said the basket alone was worth the horror of appearing “In The Crosshairs.”

In The Crosshairs appears every Thursday at 8pm on Channel 13.

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