Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dept. of Psychology & Psychoses/Employment Record #3211/2a/Operative Status

Date: 3.9.903
From: Dr. Kirstin Randolph, Department of Psychology and Psychoses
To: Department of Employment
Re: Operative Craig Ferguson, Strike Squad, Team Spartan (Record #3211/2a), SCL: 9B.5

Ferguson appears to be making very little progress in returning to normal Operative life (work, improving his personal situation). He does very little other than talk about his plans to move past his crippling self-doubt and start recovery. He is very convincing when making these claims. When Ferguson tells you for the twentieth time how he is going to "get well, get back to work and find a nice place to live," you want so much to believe him even though the previous nineteen times he did nothing more than talk about it. Each time nothing comes to fruition, he returns to the same bitterness and self-pity he had on checking in.
This cyclical self-destructive extreme optimist/pessimist behavior, if unchecked, is likely to lead to further psychological issues. Bipolar disorder, paralyzing vacillation, egrophobia are all possible if a treatment is not found.

Operative Ferguson will remain on "medical leave" until further notice.

Operative Ferguson will receive a full spectrum of antidepressants in addition to continued counseling. If course of treatment is not successful, more extreme methods will be suggested for consideration.

Attending Physician,
Dr. Kirstin Randolph, SCL 4B.1

So maybe my initial assessment was off. This guy is fucked up like Hogan's Goat. I haven't seen quite such a spectacular meltdown in a while. This guy is throwing a pity part for the ages and I'm not sure what to do to snap him out of it. I may have to drag out "Old Sparky" for a little EST. Exploratory surgery may not be out of the question.

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