Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dept. of Internal Affairs: Discipline Report #43211041/Craig Ferguson

CC: Dept of Requisitions
Re: Vehicle requisition and weapon possession of Operative Craig Ferguson SCL 9B.7
Date: 3/9/903

Due to Mr. Ferguson's extended stay in Bethlehem Asylum, his vehicle (Lancer Motors 03337 Third Eye News Van) had been tagged for return to the company motor pool to fill vehicle distribution shortages. The vehicle was found in unacceptable condition. The following damage was noted on impound:

- Extensive non-spec paint/graffiti on majority of the body
- Extensive front end damage consistent with a head-on collision with a pole and/or static barrier
- Fire damage to the rear of the vehicle
- Extensive damage from small-arms fire

- The interior of the vehicle was converted into a permanent living space in clear violation of the Operative's Handbook (Section 14B Paragraph 3).
-Upholstery and interior saturated with a pungent odor that can be best described as "taco-based."

An inventory of personal effects in the vehicle turned up a FEN204 that was reported missing during a BPN worked by Ferguson (BPN #: HS/48761/SU) It can be safely assumed that he stole the weapon during the BPN.

In response to the damaged vehicle, Mr. Ferguson will be banned from requisition and use of company vehicles for a period of no less than twelve (12) months. Mr. Ferguson will also be charged the cost of repairing/refurbishing the vehicle (1250c).

In response to the weapon, Mr. Ferguson will be charged with Intentional Misappropriation of Company Resources and Possession of a Weapon Without Proper Documentation. He will be tried in absentia. Penalty will be a 0.2 deduction of SCL and a fine of 250c.

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