Monday, March 2, 2009


Issuing Department: Health & Safety
Color Code: BLUE
BPN #: HS/48761/SU
Surveillance: Third Eye News
Squad/Operative Undertaking: Team Spartan
Date Issued/Date Completed: 8/18/901, 8/18/901

-Squad dispatched to investigate reports of sewer pig in Suburbia Sector 2F
-Squad followed evidence and discovered pig in Solarium level of Altine Towers apartment building. Pig terminated.
-Discovered evidence linking ownership of pig to SLA Operative Melody Winters (Frother/Death Squad/SCL9A)
-Evidence suggests Operative Winters acted belligerently and was subsequently neutralized by squad. As Winters was acting outside SLA regulations, Team Spartan was within its rights to neutralize the threat.

Collateral Damage to SLA Property: MODERATE.
-Pig caused extensive cosmetic damage to building. Operatives not responsible. Winter's accounts will be charged posthumously to cover repair.
- Firearms were discharged in a residential building. One employee casualty (Melody Winters). Incidental damage to area deemed appropriate for force needed to neutralize threat.

Squad Fatalities: None

Conclusion: BPN satisfactorily completed. Squad payout 250c. SCL +0.1/Operative

ADDENDUM: Shiver recovery team enacted standard SLA equipment recovery following termination of Winters' employment. Two FEN 204 "Gunhead" sub-machine guns and associated magazines/ammunition were not recovered. Shiver team leader states weapons were not found on premises during search.

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