Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Advertising Supplement/Pharmaceuticals/ The Apothecary (Sloane's Apothecary)

The Apothecary

Type: Custom drug store

Location: Mort Central, Uptown, Suburbia, Upper Downtown.

Description: Originally known as “Sloane’s Apothecary” and still called “Sloane’s” by its regular customers, Apothecaries are now located all over Mort. Opened in 885 by Sloane McDermott, the store gained a huge following amongst the Frother population. Sloane eventually sold the company to SLA Industries who in turn sold franchises to enterprising Frother Clans. While most franchises can be found in Mort Central or Uptown, there are a few locations in Suburbia and even a few scattered in the Upper Downtown area.

Apothecaries carry the full line of SLA hard and soft drugs and for the right price, can mix “cocktails” or synthesize drugs to order. From Coffin-Cigarettes to Ultra-Violence, it can be found here. There is even a full-service liquor department loaded with Slosh and other assorted alcoholic beverages. A small section of the store carries a selection of crisps, candies and assorted snack food. A night of pub crawling in the city usually means a stop at an Apothecary at some point (sometimes more than one stop).

The Apothecary also carries a full inventory of drug delivery systems from the basic air-hypo to voice activated multiple delivery IV systems. Drugs purchased from Apothecaries are always of the highest quality and anything less than 100% purity will not be sold.

Apothecaries are in high demand amongst the party going crowd, as the employees are knowledgeable in mixing Lumo to provide colors unavailable on the common market. Not surprisingly, the further an Apothecary shop is from Mort Central and Shiver Patrols, the more “exotic” the inventory becomes. It is rumored that rarities like Shatter are available for the right price, but SLA reminds you that purchase and use of Shatter is punishable by arrest and possible summary execution.

Apothecaries are only ever staffed by Frothers, with most locations being owned by specific clans. These Frothers are generally not the typical combat junkies, but scientists with intensive training in biology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals and an understanding of what chemicals are needed for what situation. However, for security, locations employ Kick Murder trained Frothers to patrol the area and protect against anyone stupid enough to try to rob the store. More than one potential shoplifter has ended up hospitalized or worse after being “apprehended” by store security.

ADDENDUM: Requests of drugs and chemicals that carry a D-NOTICE will be immediately reported to SLA authorities and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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