Sunday, March 1, 2009

Advertising Supplement/Restaurants/ChünderHaüs


Type: Self-Service Buffet
Locations: Multiple Uptown/Suburbia
Price: CC
Description: ChünderHaüs is a mix of new and old concepts in the area of buffet-style restaurants. The restaurant features several stations in the center. Each station is dedicated to one portion of the meal (appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, desserts, beverages, etc.). Each station features a staggering number of choices. To ease traffic at each station, food is kept on a conveyor belt that circles the station. A patron simply need to find a place to stand and the food will eventually come past him/her. When they have loaded their plates, they return to their seats.
ChünderHaüs is a member of the Racial Equality Program and welcomes members of all races. To cover the tremendous amount of food consumed, prices are a bit higher at 5 credits per person. The management has a posted policy regarding additional charges for excessive amounts of food taken or staying for more than an hour. Most patrons take the charges in stride, as the quality of food is surprisingly good.
ChünderHaüs is an extremely lively place to eat, with small skirmishes for the best selections not unheard of. As such, the furnishing is molded metal and plastic and bolted to the floor. Plates and glasses are designed to not break to a sharp edge. Ebons tend to avoid ChünderHaüses due to the noise and chaos. Naturally, Frothers and Brain Wasters enjoy the atmosphere immensely with impromptu contests of digestive prowess fairly common. ChünderHaüs is especially busy on "Orientan" nights, with calls to the Shivers to break up fights over the famous Orange Chicken an alarmingly regular occurence.

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