Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BPN Resolution: Defence-RED

Issuing Department: Defence
Color Code: RED
BPN #: CS/443899/WD
Surveillance: Third Eye News
Squad/Operative Undertaking: Team Spartan
Date Issued/Date Completed: 9/27/901, 9/27/901


- Squad dispatched to Wall Gun 207 on CS1 wall to support Wall Shivers in protecting repair team and repelling Carrien attacks while gun system is brought back on line.
- Major Carrien attack occurred while gun was off line.
- Squad and Shiver team were able to hold Carriens back with minimal casualties.
- Gun 207 brought back on line within 3 hours.

Collateral Damage to SLA Property: MINIMAL. Application of Wall Wash will remove staining of the wall.

Squad Fatalities:K'Dgh. LAD activated and successfully revived victim.

Conclusion: BPN satisfactorily completed. Individual payout: 1,070c/Operative for time and Carrien bounties. SCL +0.3/Operative.

ADDENDUM: Frother Operative Fidditch was witnessed going over the wall alone to engage a large party of Carrien hand-to-hand. Suggest observation of Operative for possible Blaze UV sponsorship or consideration for the Contract Circuit.

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