Thursday, March 19, 2009

BPN Resolution: Enquiries-GREY

Issuing Department: Enquiries
Color Code: GREY
BPN #: IA/3658212/CE
Surveillance: Station Analysis
Squad/Operative Undertaking: Team Spartan
Date Issued/Date Completed: 10/14/901, 10/15/901

- Squad dispatched to protect Dept. of Accountancy employee Lily Thomas from a possible serial killer attack.
- Employee protected for assigned 24 hour period without incident.

Collateral Damage to SLA Property: NONE.

Squad Fatalities:None.

Conclusion: BPN satisfactorily completed. Individual payout: 200c/Operative. SCL +0.5/Operative.

ADDENDUM: Employee Thomas was killed by serial killer "Entropy" after terms of BPN had expired. Team Spartan was subsequently issued a Hunter Sheet for "Entropy." Utilizing a contact at 3rd Eye News, the team used Operative Obsession as bait. An elaborate disguise was used to lure the killer. Several citizens were killed before Entropy took the bait. Obsession terminated Entropy with a single 12.7mm HESH round to the head, but not before Entropy injected Obsession with a massive overdose of Drum. Shiver medics were able to stabalize Obsession. Entropy was discovered to be a member of the same department as Lily Thomas and was acting out of revenge for being passed over for promotions. Hunter Sheet closed and bounty paid to squad.

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