Sunday, June 14, 2009


Issuing Department: Investigation
Color Code:WHITE
BPN #: IN/119244/ST
Surveillance: Station Analysis
Squad/Operative Undertaking: Team Spartan
Date Issued/Date Completed: 6/13/902, 6/14/902

- Squad dispatched to investigate disappearance of children in and around 1900 Block area of Upper Downtown.
- Squad interrogated locals and investigated recent kidnap sites.
- In the course of the investigation, Operative Squad worked cooperatively with Operative Squad "Symbiote," which was working on a similar BPN in the area.
- Squads determined disappearances were due to kidnappings by Skin Trade organization "Delicacy."
- Squads raided a "Puppy Talk" relay house, rescuing 53 civilians and capturing 2 Puppy Talk employees.
- Interrogation of suspects (CONTENTS OF INTERROGATION VIDEO/TRANSCRIPTS NOT FOR PUBLIC RELEASE) revealed the location of a probable Delicacy clutch point.
- Sting operation on clutch point by combined squads resulted in rescue of 5 civilians and capture of 2 out of 3 Delicacy employees. Third employee terminated during course of sting.

Collateral Damage to SLA Property: Minimal. Damage to light pole in 2000 block of Walston Sector of Upper Downtown. Firearms were discharged in civilian areas. No appreciable damage caused to area of operation.

Squad Fatalities:None.

Conclusion:BPN satisfactorily completed. Individual payout: 507c/including rescue and equipment retrieval bonuses. Operative. SCL +0.5/Operative.

ADDENDUM: Follow up BPN to be issued to squad following successful interrogation of Delicacy employees and interviews with rescued civilians.

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