Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Intelligence Report/Soft Company/Brommley Hydronics

Name: Brommley Hydronics

Type: Independent Soft Company

Products/Services: Waterproofing/Water filtration

Company Line: Brommley Hydronics strives to improve the lives of Downtowners by installing rain protection and collection systems on the roofs of buildings. With the help of Brommley Hydronics systems, Downtowners can enjoy drier homes and a limitless supply of clean, filtered water for their use.

Public Information: Brommley Hydronics (BH), on its face, seems fairly harmless. Most people would say BH is actually trying to make Mort a better place to live. BH manufactures rain protection/collection systems for buildings in the Downtown areas of Mort. The systems provide a protective shell on the roof of the building as well as a series of gutters and drains. Rain and runoff is collected and run through a series of filters. The filtered water is collected in cisterns on the buildings with any surplus being released harmlessly back into the sewer system.

What truly makes BH look like heroes is that they do not charge for their services. BH never contacts the Department of Housing directly for permission, ostensibly to speed up the process of getting their systems installed. Permission to install a BH system is always asked from the landlord/caretaker of the building. Most building managers are happy to have a BH system installed as they provide rain protection, which lowers the amount of building maintenance. More importantly they are free, and nobody in Downtown is going to turn away a handout. Once installed, BH begins making regular visits to clean and change the filters on their systems. BH does not charge a single UNI for any of their equipment or services. They even go as far as waterproofing the buildings to increase the amount of runoff the filters have access to. To a poor Downtowner, BH is a godsend.

SLA Intelligence: Brommley Hydronics is the brainchild of William Brommley. Brommley worked as a tech in a SLA water treatment facility. As he daily analyzed the filth and pollution in the water, he saw opportunity. Over time he began stealing equipment from the facility. One day he simply disappeared, taking over 75,000 credits of SLA equipment to help start his new business.

Despite the theft and job abandonment, Brommley Hydronics primarily earned the Soft Company label due to what happens after the filters are cleaned. The filters in the BH systems are incredibly high tech, capable of filtering for specific particles. BH takes the sludge from the filters back to their labs where any useful chemicals are removed and purified. The rain in Mort is an absolute cornucopia of chemicals by the time it makes its way Downtown. Drugs, industrial waste and other bits of interesting detritus are all carried in the water which would normally collect in SLA's reservoirs or simply wash out into the Cannibal Sectors. Given the amount of rain that falls each day in Mort, the amount of chemicals pulled from the rainwater is staggering.

Once the chemicals are separated, purified and refined, they are made available to anyone willing to pay BH's fees. This is the crux of SLA's issue with BH. BH is giving Soft Companies like DarkNight access to chemicals they normally could not easily procure. DarkNight chemists are able to use these chemicals to manufacture illegal drugs, explosives and bioweapons.

SLA is at an impasse regarding Brommley Hydronics. On one hand BH provides a useful service. They free SLA from what little worrying they do about residential and other building maintenance in the Downtown area. BH also makes a marginal impact on reducing pollution. On the other hand, BH is putting industrial and military grade pharmaceuticals and chemicals in the hands of some very dangerous and subversive people. In the end, SLA has been reluctant to issue a Grey BPN or Hunter Sheet directly for William Brommley, as BH is currently doing more good than harm. SLA risks public outcry and possible civilian retaliation if they simply shut down BH outright.

Employees: CEO: William Brommley.

Exact number of regular employees unknown. SLA estimates that it would take at least 300 employees to keep an operation like Brommley Hydronics running. This includes everyone from installers to lab technicians to sales staff.

Facilities: Unknown. The Department of Architecture, Construction and Planning as well as the Department of Resources have issued White BPNs to locate BH facilities as well as Yellow BPNs to recover the stolen merchandise. It is assumed that facilities are located in remote areas of Lower Downtown. There has also been some speculation of potential facilities located in the Outskirts of the Cannibal Sectors.

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