Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Intelligence Report/Soft Company/TRIAD


Type: Independent Soft Company

Products/Services: Mercenary Squads

Company Line: Tactics - Recon - Infiltration - Assault - Defense

Public Information: TRIAD has only recently gained Soft Company status. Very little is known about this organization, which is quite bothersome to SLA. TRIAD is a Prop team. Generally SLA doesn't make a huge fuss over solo Props. Props generally want nothing to do with each other. Often they end up inadvertently helping SLA handling issues Downtown that Shivers can't be bothered with and Monarch aren't capable of handling. What is alarming to SLA is when Props start working in groups. A single Prop, though well trained and equipped, is generally no match for a seasoned Operative. When you have a squad of Props, solo Ops are suddenly outmatched and Operative Squads find themselves with a serious threat on their hands. Another point of concern is the question of from where is TRIAD is getting its Props? There doesn't seem to be any change in the current Prop population aside from normal attrition. All the regular faces like Spooky, Bane Root and Red Harvest are still at large. In fact, the “regular” Prop population is pissed about TRIAD:

It's a bunch of bullshit. People are running to TRIAD because they can hire out a full squad instead of one Prop at a time. Dumbasses see those flash uniforms and think that means quality work. Those plonkers are taking money out of my pocket! Free market, my ass.

-Ground Chuck (Prop)

SLA Intelligence: TRIAD has things that have Props mad and Shivers nervous. TRIAD has a standard kit for all of its Props. The standard TRIAD squad wears armor equivalent to HARD armor and carry 10mm automatic rifles. What's of particular concern in the armor and weapons don't appear to be of SLA or DarkNight manufacture. Recovered hardware shows that SLA and DarkNight technology are being used, but the overall construction is being done by a third party. While weapons and armor are third party, other equipment (medkits, communicators, etc.) are salvaged and repurposed SLA and DarkNight gear.

According to intel, TRIAD does not hire out individual members. The smallest available unit is the “Fire Team” of three Props. There have been confirmed reports of squads as large as twelve in the field. Prices for TRIAD tend to be a bit higher, with 200u/squad member being average. Prices can go much higher if heavier armor or weapons are requested/required or if the job is particularly risky. TRIAD's members are highly skilled and motivated and are well versed in small unit tactics. TRIAD's base of operations is currently unknown. They do not operate out of the Depth Charge and regular Props have been quite clear that TRIAD members attempting entry will be in for a violent welcome.

SLA has dispatched a team of Dark Finders into Downtown to locate and disrupt TRIAD operations. Several White BPNs are in the works to do the same.

Employees: Unknown. Estimated between 25-100.

Facilities: Unknown. Size of organization would indicate necessity of a base of operations.


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