Monday, April 12, 2010

Advertising Supplement/Convenience Stores/Honest Akhbar's

Honest Akhbar's

Convenience Store

Locations: Suburbia, Upper Downtown, Lower Downtown

Description: Honest Akhbar's is a chain of dubious convenience stores located predominantly in Suburbia and Upper Downtown. The occasional franchise can be found on the first few levels of Lower Downtown. Honest Akhbar's does not maintain franchises in Uptown or Mort Central.

Honest Akhbar's stocks most mundane and sundry items and has a limited grocery section. Alcohol, tobacco, low end civilian drugs and a rather shockingly large selection of pornographic magazines are available, but kept behind a barrier of bullet proof glass along with the clerk. Akhbar's also features a menu of surprisingly good hot and cold foods for a quick meal. The average meal of a sandwich, chips and drink run about 2-3u.

Some may question how theft is controlled if the clerks are sealed up. The answer is quite simple. Honest Akhbar's has a posted policy that Operatives, Shivers and Monarchs never pay for a meal. While this does not extend to the rest of the store's inventory, the lure of free meals is enough to ensure that at almost any time of day or night, there will be some form of armed SLA employee or law enforcement agent on the premises at any given store. Wise people also know that Akhbar's clerks are a great source of information on what's going down in the streets; it pays to stay on the good side of the clerks. As a last stand against thieves, Honest Akhbar franchises are universally equipped with a unique security system. At the push of a button, metal grates drop from the ceiling to cover every door and window in the store. Once activated, these grates can not be raised by anything short of industrial equipment unless the clerk deactivates the system. With the thieves caged in, the clerk need only wait in his bullet proof kiosk until help arrives.

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