Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Advertising Supplement/Weaponry/Firearms/Stearman Ballistic Labs

Type: Precision firearms manufacturer

Location: Mort Central

Description: Stearman Ballistic Labs (SBL) is a new firearms design company with an emphasis on high-end precision weaponry. SBL was created by Colin Stearman, a five year veteran of Dante serving as a scout/sniper. During his time on Dante, Stearman logged 614 kills. His time in the field taught him that a gun should be more than a device to put lead on target, it should be a natural extension of the shooter. He created SBL to fill a notable gap in the selections available to sharpshooters. SBL understands the pain of the Bullet Tax and strives to deliver weapons accurate and deadly enough to preclude the need for multiple shots. SBL is so confident in the performance of its weapons, no SBL product is offered with a burst or full-automatic capability.
SBL has become increasingly popular with the Wraith Raider community. Wraiths feel that SBL understands the understated elegance and efficiency of single-shot weapons. SBL has responded by hiring prominent Wraith Operatives and Contract Killers as consultants on weapon design and refinement. Among the scout/sniper elite, an SBL sponsorship is highly prestigious.
Even at the “low end” of the price range, SBL weapons are extremely pricey and at the “high end” can be prohibitively expensive. Much like the famed BLA Blitzer, all SBL weapons are hand made with an exacting eye to detail and quality. Stock weapons are available as well as dozens of customization options at the point of sale. For those with the reputation and disposable income, SBL accepts special orders for one-off personal weapons. Whatever the customer wants, the customer gets. From utilitarian polymers to exotic works of art with natural hardwoods and precious metals, SBL will build it perfectly. Rumor has it that Top Notch is working with SBL on a rifle for her inevitable grudge match with Delia the Destroyer. An exact price hasn't been announced but is estimated in the 100,000-250,000c range


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