Monday, October 11, 2010

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Name: Rob Trebow
Alias: The Enforcer
Location: Downtown Circuit, limited Uptown events
Specialty: Melee
Signature Move: "The One Timer"
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 112kg
Record: 48-5-1

Profile: Before joining the Contract Circuit, Rob Trebow played defense for the Maxwell Sector Ice Clowns professional hockey team. In Trebow's first three seasons he amassed nine goals, twenty-one assists and 9,118 penalty minutes. His temper on the ice was the stuff of legend.

During a playoff game against the Lowell Sector Sewer Rats one of Rats winger Mike Dougall laid a cheap cross-check on the Ice Clowns' center, sending him sprawling. As the Ice Clowns' enforcer, Trebow threw down the gloves against the Dougall. By the time the officials were able to pull Trebow off, Dougall was dead. In a panic, Trebow fled the arena, ultimately taking refuge in the Tynes Complex under the protection of their Amnesty.

There he would stay, fighting under the moniker of “The Enforcer.” Specializing in hand-to-hand and his reinforced hockey stick, The Enforcer pummels opponents, looking to finish them off with "The One Timer." This signature move is a fan favorite. Trebow will stun an opponent with the butt of his stick, then whirl it around like a flick-scythe, smashing the opponent in the temple, usually for a quick knock-out. He does a variation when unarmed which starts with a jab and leads into a vicious whirling back-fist. The Enforcer is a ruthlessly fearsome fighter. However, he still feels a great deal of remorse for killing Dougall and prefers to only fight to submission or knockout.

Trebow was eventually cleared of a murder charge in the fight with Dougall, but is reluctant to return to the MHL. The Contract Circuit pays better and there's no penalty for fighting.

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