Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dept. of Psychology & Psychoses/Employment Record #3211/2a/Operative Status

Date: 8.18.903
From: Dr. Kirstin Randolph, Department of Psychology and Psychoses
To: Department of Employment
Re: Operative Craig Ferguson, Strike Squad, Team Spartan (Record #3211/2a), SCL: 9B.5


Ferguson continues to be a problem with the staff. He seems to revel in his situation now. On request of his Financier, Carter Burke, Ferguson will be issued a Medical Exemption Certificate and allowed to enter the Contract Circuit. It is hoped that SLA Industries can get some use of this Employee before his mental situation completely degrades.


Operative Ferguson will receive his Psychological Examination and Evaluation Exemption Certificate as requested.

Operative Ferguson will continue to receive a full spectrum of antidepressants when released to the Contract Circuit. At this time, this Dr. and department absolve themselves of any responsibility for the care and actions of the subject in question

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